Funding secured to continue WIC program

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RALEIGH, N.C. — The Department of Health and Human Services has secured additional funds to continue the WIC program as of Friday, October 11 through the end of the month.

DHHS has determined it can ensure the stability of the program through the end of October using lapsing funds from the previous fiscal year, additional contingency funds from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and product rebates from WIC formula manufacturer, Nestle Foods.

Local health departments are being notified to resume issuing WIC vouchers.

In response to the federal government shutdown, the issuance of WIC vouchers was suspended on October 8 because DHHS did not have sufficient funds to issue new vouchers.

WIC impacts more than 2,000 local grocery stores and other food businesses around the state.


  • sabastion

    Thank you! This seriously made me smile reading it. The last thing we want is to worry about babies and infants, pregnant mothers and mothers in general, not getting to eat good nutritional food! The Government has no right shutting it down anyway though considering it’s our tax money paying for it!!! but!!!…still.. Thank you :)

  • miss s

    Even if you qualify for food stamps, it wouldn’t cover formula for babies…you may not even get enough money through food stamps to buy healthy food for your self or baby. Some people are lucky if they get 25 dollars a month!

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