NC hotel forced to close over government shutdown

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WAYNESVILLE, N.C. — The government shutdown has forced a North Carolina hotel on the Blue Ridge Parkway to close.

The owner of the Pisgah Inn, Bruce O’Connell, refused to shut down earlier this week, but had no choice when park rangers blocked the entrance on Friday.

The hotel/restaurant is privately owned but on federal property, which means when the government shuts down so does the business.

O’Connell said he doesn’t want to close and park rangers said they don’t like enforcing the closure.

“We have been ordered to cease operations… so we have closed,” O’Connell said.

O’Connell said the shutdown has ruined his busiest season and put 100 employees out of work. He said he’s disgusted with lawmakers and worried about the future.

The 35-year-old business was also forced to close during the government shutdown in the 90s.

O’Connell said he is unsure whether or not he will reopen after the shutdown is over. He leases the 50-room building on federal land from the National Park Service.

The U.S. government shut down on Oct. 1, forcing massive furloughs of workers and suspension of services not excepted by the Antideficiency Act.


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