Winston-Salem woman wins gold in two events at NC Senior Games

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — An 80-year-old Winston-Salem takes home two gold medals in the North Carolina Senior Games that were held in Cary last month.

Betty Allgood, 80, lives in Winston-Salem at Homestead Hills retirement community. She has actively competed in the local and state senior games since 1992.

“My husband liked to run and play basketball. He saw an article in the paper and wanted to check it out,” she says.

Not wanting to be left alone while he trained, Allgood accompanied him to the track where she taught herself to race walk.

“There’s a certain technique. You have to keep one foot on the ground and your leading knee locked until the heel touches the ground,” she explains.

Allgood walks every morning either at Hanes Park or around the Homestead Hills community. She says, “If I don’t do it first thing, I won’t do it.” On Wednesday mornings, she teaches Winston-Salem residents how to race walk at Hanes Park.

Allgood’s hard work has paid off. She participated in the National Senior Games in July and won the gold medal in the 1500-meters Race Walk event with a time of 10 minutes 58 seconds, but was disqualified in the 5k for bending her knee.

The local and state games are held annually, while the national games are held biannually.

“I’m not about to stop,” asserts Allgood. The chief among her reasons for continuing is “It keeps [her] motivated and healthy.” She also loves the atmosphere and community elements, “You meet so many nice people.”

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