Lady with 300 cats returns with a new mission

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In April, we introduced you to Siglinda Scarpa and her refuge, where she houses more than 300 cats, most of whom were abandoned by their owners.

Siglinda has adopted out many of those cats, but now she has a new mission to expand spaying and neutering throughout the state, which can liberate animals that otherwise face a painful death.

She needs $20,000 a month to keep Goat House Refuge going, and thousands more to help expand the spaying and neutering mission as an alternative to gas chambers some counties still use.

To help raise money, her refuge put is putting on a charity concert on Friday night in Haw River. You can find out more about the fundraiser here.

You can find Siglinda’s Goat House Refuge here.

You can find a report about the use of gas chambers by certain shelters in North Carolina here.