3-month-old dies after found alone in car parked outside shopping center

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — A 3-month-old male found unresponsive inside a car parked outside a Greensboro shopping center was pronounced dead at the hospital on Thursday afternoon.

The child’s uncle called 911 around 1:01 p.m. to report finding the unresponsive child inside a car parked outside Fanta City International Market at 4929 West Market St.

Untistled-2The baby was strapped in a car seat, however no one was with the child.

The infant was found inside the vehicle by his father. His mother began performing CPR until EMS arrived. Emergency personnel continued CPR while transporting the infant to Moses Cone Hospital.

The infant was pronounced dead at the hospital.

A preliminary investigation suggests foul play was not involved. Police do not know how long the child was alone in the vehicle.

Anyone with information about this incident is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers at 336-373-1000.


  • Monica Renee

    I don’t see how they can say that there, was no foul play when someone intentionally left that baby in a hot car. If this person has other children they need to take them away, so the same thing don’t happen to them. They definitely need to lock this person up for at lest 15 years.

  • Ruth Smith

    Stupid people shouldn’t breed! I can’t believe there was a child in the car and no one thought to take it out. Breaks my heart to hear about this type of thing.

  • Dawn

    I have a son and a daughter and when they were born I never left
    them in the car for any amount of time. I always took them in where ever
    I was going, not even in cold weather. So I don’t understand why in this day
    And time do parents feel that they can just leave their baby in a car with no air conditioning running or heat going while they run into a place! My heart
    Goes out to this little baby!

  • munchkin42099

    What the Heck is wrong with patents down here? this is the second incident in Greensboro within a months time. First, a car is stolen with a 14 or 18 month old parked outside a store running. Now, this where parents leave a 3 month old in a car alone! How fricken stupid are these people? and God blessed them with a child? God I hope they don’t have anymore kids. If so may God Help them. Hell, Give the here and I’ll take care of them. My kids are 22 and 19 and I never left them in a car alone especially at that age.
    You take the car seat out and put it in cart if the baby is sleeping or you carry the baby in your arms. You don’t leave a baby in a car alone I don’t care where u live or what state ur in. specially when it’s 80+ degrees outside. Either parent could’ve ran into the store while one stayed with the baby. They need to be charged with Murder, and if the cops don’t charge them with something they are just as guilty as the parents.

  • Louise W

    people love to speak without knowing the facts. They didn’t leave their child to run into a shop. The father went to work forgetting he had his sleeping baby in his car as it was not his routine to take him in the morning. In fact, this was his first time taking him to work. It is easier than you would think for someone who is breaking with his/her routine to remember that his sleeping baby was in the backseat.

    • Valerie

      I agree with you 100%! People love to talk and only see what they want to see! My prayers go to the parents, their family and the little angel.

    • Allen

      Well, the facts are… 1) The father left the child in the car. 2) The child died after being left in the car. Now what other facts are there that we are overlooking? Doesn’t matter if the father loved the child or not. The facts are there. It is negligence and stupidity that lead to this criminal act. It was not an accident, as accidents are something that cannot be avoided. This was entirely preventable.

    • Elisha

      You are exactly right, people hear what they want to hear!!! Everyone wants to throw their opinions out and don’t know the whole story!!! It could happen to anyone!! How many times have you been going somewhere and keep driving right by where you are to turn or get off the highway, and its your same routine everyday????? Everybody has done this…………..so just pray for this family. GOD IS OUR JUDGE AND ONLY JUDGE!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

    • BabsCarolina

      If the father went to work, then what was the uncle and mother BOTH DOING THERE AT THE INTERNATIONAL SHOPPING STORE when the baby was found by strangers?

  • Asia

    I know them because my parents work there too and I saw a baby car seat and it dyed in the blue van.i fell bad for them

  • Kristin

    The facts are an infant is dead! The father left him in the car! Routine or not as a parent u know when u leave Ur child in a car. Are u kidding me. How could u take up for someone that obviously should not have a child. There is no excuse for leaving Ur child in a car! Ugh ignorant people. My prayers go out to this sweet innocent baby.

  • bre

    How did you not know where your child was\? Thats what I dont understand. The parents “found” him…why didnt you know where your 3 month old was!

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