Bigfoot footage touted as ‘proof,’ professor laughs

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Credit:  Sasquatch Genome Project

Credit: Sasquatch Genome Project

A group of devoted Bigfoot researchers unveiled video earlier this week that, according to them, proves Bigfoot is real.

The Sasquatch Genome Project held a news conference on Tuesday and claimed they now have video and DNA proof from the long-awaited Erickson Project.

The video, which purportedly shows Bigfoot sleeping in the woods in Kentucky, was presented with various blood and hair samples.

The group claims their statements are backed by 11 laboratories and universities, which all reviewed the findings.

"We want people to understand that this is a serious study," Dr. Melba Ketchum, a genetics scientist, who led the project during the course of the five-year study, told CBS DFW.

Credit:  Sasquatch Genome Project

Credit: Sasquatch Genome Project

A laboratory at New York University is challenging the group's credibility, stated similarly tested a field sample and found it having usual human mitochondrial results.

In the video, what is described as a "a reddish brown Sasquatch juvenile," can be seen sleeping in the woods.

Other findings in the report include photos of coarse horse-like hair and at least one tissue sample that the group believes is from Bigfoot.

Todd R. Disotell, a professor at the Department of Anthropology at New York University, told ABC News that the new research is nonsense.

"It's just a joke," he said. "She is a laughing stock of people that are of a community that are already kind of wacko."

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  • Johnny Graf

    I have come to the conclusion that Bigfoot exists but it is merely a blurry specie of ape. There is no other explanation other than it being a blurry specie since thousands of images have been taken of Bigfoot yet it always appears blurry.

  • Robbie

    The image in this story of the older female wasn’t too awful blurry. im not saying its real but who knows. its the same as ghost and aliens really. who truly knows if they exist or not? To say these people are crazy for believing in bigfoot and looking for the creature isn’t fair to them though. I bet everybody in the world laughed when it was first said that the planet earth was round too.

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