5 new taco recipes to try tonight

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#1 Seared white fish, roasted corn salad, lemon-basil aioli.

For corn salad: heat oil in pan, add fresh corn cut off 4 cobs, saute until golden brown, add to mixing bowl with 2 pieces celery ,thinly sliced, 1 carrot, shredded, 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar, drizzle with honey and season with salt and pepper to taste.

Start with aioli base (this base can be used with any type of aioli): 1-1/4 c soy milk, 2 c oil, 1 t garlic powder, 1/2 t salt and juice of 1/2 lemon.

For the lemon-basil aioli: aioli base, zest of 3 lemons, juice from 1 lemon, and roughly 1/2 c worth of basil leaves. Salt and pepper to taste. Add more lemon and basil to your liking.

#2 Sauteed chicken breast, bok choy slaw, honey mustard.

Slice chicken breast about 1/4 in. thick, season with salt and pepper, sear in heated pan with oil for approximately 3 minutes.

Bok choy slaw: roughly chop 6 heads of bok choy, 1/2 c rice wine vinegar, 2 T soy sauce, 2 T sesame oil, 1 T sesame seeds, 1/4 c Brown sugar, slice 2 stocks scallions, 1 carrot, shredded, and 1/4 head of Napa cabbage, shredded.

Honey mustard: start with aioli base, then add 1 c honey, 2 c Brown sugar, 3 T Dijon mustard, 2 T mustard powder.

#3 Braised beef, spinach-radish-mango salad tossed with oil and honey, sweet chili sauce.

For braised beef: cut 1 yellow onion, 1 carrot, 2 pieces celery to baking dish, season beef round with dry rub of your choice, add to baking dish, fill dish about 1/4 way with water, bake atleast 4 hours depending on size of round.

Sweet chili sauce: 1-1/2 c sambal, 1 c rice wine vinegar, 1/2 c soy sauce, 1/4 c sesame oil, 1 c brown sugar, 1 T mustard powder, 1/4 c maple syrup, reduce over medium heat approximately 15-20 minutes.

#4 Braised pork, shredded Napa cabbage, mustard aioli, pickled cucumber and red onion relish. 

Mustard aioli: start with aioli base, add 4 T Dijon mustard, 2 T mustard powder, and 1/2 c brown sugar to cut spice.

Relish: pickled cucumber: slice cucumber in 1/4 in thick pieces, boil in water, 1/2 the amount of apple cider vinegar to water, 1/2 c sambal, 1/2 cup sugar, 1/4 c salt. Same process for pickled red onion but leave out sambal and add another 1/3 c sugar. Rough chop pickles and onions for relish.

#5 Lemon-pepper fried tofu, sauteed peppers and onions, thin sliced avocado, cilantro-lime aioli.

Gently squeeze dry tofu with paper towels, cut into 1/2 in cubes.

Tofu batter: 1 c ap flour, 2 c water, season with salt and pepper. Dip tofu cubes into batter, fry in preheated oil at 350 degrees for approximately 4 minutes. Toss fried tofu with pepper and 1 lemon worth of juice.

Cilantro-lime aioli: aioli base, add 1 c cilantro stems and juice of 1 lime, plus zest of 3 limes