Constituents blast local elected officials over shutdown

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- The government shutdown isn't helping members of congress approval ratings or reputation.

"It doesn't help anything at all," said Michelle Beck of Winston-Salem. "[Congress] should have enough sense to quit acting like, you know kids!"

Only 10 percent of American's approve of the job congress is doing. Who can you complain to?

You won't find anyone at Senator Richard Burr's Winston-Salem office. Burr closed all his offices throughout the state, though told constituents on his website they could call his Washington Office for help or to share their opinion.

Congressman Howard Coble is keeping all his offices open, saying his staff is able to keep working to help people with federal problems and listen to your thoughts.

"They are the pits," said Winston-Salem resident Valeria Dove. "We stood up years ago as women to get women rights, we as blacks stood up for civil rights, why can't we as a people, both black and white, stand together against politicians now?"


  • terrie brown

    Why are people blaming the democrats they already compromised the gop just wants to delay Obamacare and tell women what to go with their bodies….abortion was part of of the gop excuse to stand firm but how can you tell a woman what to do with her body better to abort than to have that baby and abuse it only one MAN can judge so let the woman Abner to HIM and not a bunch of suits….

  • fireball150

    i say leave it closed the democrats are trying to tear us aprt for a bill that will hurt us. democrats need to wake up and see they are problem and pitching a hissy fit aint gonna help. go republicans!

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