Better Business Bureau warns of healthcare scams

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Consumer experts are warning people to be extra cautious when looking for a healthcare policy, as scammers are setting up fake websites claiming to be legitimate and advertising a cheaper rate.

"This is a big area right now. The potential for this to become a scam situation is endless. People are going to be looking for cheaper ways to get their healthcare. People are going to be open to those cheaper ways. If someone calls them from out of the blue and says 'Hey I can help' you they are going to want to believe them," explained Michael Henson, with Greensboro's Better Business Bureau.

The only website the government has set up is Henson says people can be more trusting of websites ending with ".gov," but in this case there is only one website the government is using.

"It's a domain name that's supposed to be issued to government entities, but we all do know technology is advancing enough there are always loopholes and there's always rules to get around that," Henson explained.

Experts are warning if anyone calls you, claiming to be from the government and asks for your personal information, it's not legitimate.

The government wouldn't be calling you asking for this information because they already have it.