7,000 civilian workers furloughed at Fort Bragg

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FORT BRAGG, N.C. — About 7,000 civilian workers have been furloughed at Fort Bragg as a result of the federal government shutdown, according to WTVD.

Many of those affected came off a 20 percent pay cut Monday, and will now face no paycheck at all.

“Some people broke down and cried,” Fort Bragg Public Affairs Officer Tom McCollum told WTVD. “We were basically told go home. Do not do your job from a remote location. Do not volunteer to come in and do your job. Just go home.”

About 7,000 Department of Defense workers were sent home at noon on Tuesday. Their absence adds up to the post missing half of its civilian workforce. Only soldiers and civilians dealing in national security matters are exempt.

The 7,000 sent home Tuesday do, however, qualify for unemployment benefits.

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