Meeting planned to call for High Point mayor’s resignation

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Bernita Sims (File photo)

HIGH POINT, N.C. — Two High Point City council members have planned a special meeting to call for the resignation of Mayor Bernita Sims.

Officials said the meeting is planned for 9 a.m. Thursday in the Council Chambers, High Point City Hall, 211 S. Hamilton Street.

Sims owes more than $5,000 in unpaid taxes and council members said they are questioning she can be trusted to make more decisions for the city.


  • shawn


    • mr5

      This is not bull. So just b/c her job is hard means that she shouldn’t have to pay taxes? That means that anybody that works hard shouldn’t have to pay taxes, right?

  • charles D. Hedgecock

    She needs to go;;and go now. Anyone in such a high profile position cannot be suspect when it comes to fiduciary duties. She’s proven that she is untrustworthy with her own money and paying her own bills by writing worthless checks;;;and also other matters. If she was a Republican or white, she would have already been gone by the hounding of the media;;;but the media here especially myfox8 has protected and shielded her from negative comments and criticism leveled at her by the citizenry of High Point. It’s time for her and that other councilman that has been cheating the city of High Point out of over $30,000 needs to go now. And they should not be allowed to return to public fiduciary positions until they get their own houses in order. What kind of example is this for the citizens of High Point? It’s downright shameful;; After all, High Point is not nor does it want to be little Washington D.C.

  • charles D. Hedgecock

    How long will it be before people that cheat in their personal lives can be out of positions of great fiduciary responisbility? It’s clear from the attitude of myfox8 that shielding and protecting crooks is just fine with them. If this Mayor and the Councilman that owes the city over $30,000 were Republican, there would be negative articles in this Website every day till the public was up in arms for their ouster;;but because of their particular political persuasion and particular skin pigment, they get shielded and protected by the media and especially so by this website. But this website, can not handle the truth and in fact refuses to inform the public of the truth;;and instead protects and shields and promotes this kind of chicanery by their silence and refusal to properly inform their customers, the public. I say it’s their CNN and Google connections that is responsible for their left leaning slat and spin. That’s my view and I’d be interested to hear from other readers about my opinion.

  • charles D. Hedgecock

    It’s clear now where myfox8 stands ;;it is fine with supporting this Mayor and is not at all interested in the readership of its website getting to know the real truth. Why not come out for a full SBI investigation of this matter along with the other High Point public official that owes the taxpayers over $30,000 ?. Your silence acts to shield and protect these corrupt politicians and yet you dare not call them that or even call for their ouster. I will venture to suggest that if they were Republican, you would have already been hounding them daily for so long now that the public outcry would have succeeded in ridding the city of High Point of them. Your silence enables wrongdoing by people of great fiduciary responsibility and you are failing in your constitutional duty to properly inform the public of wrongdoing by their public officials. That is my view and I’d be interested in hearing the views of other readers and commenters.

  • charles D. Hedgecock

    The fine City of High Point deserves better from its public servants. And the city deserves better also from its news Website. We will have to move to the Rhinocerous Times, I guess to get the truth out. Because its clear where this Website that’s controlled by CNN stands on the vital issues. It’s obvious it’s not interested in pushing for integrity and honesty from our public officials. I’ve tried now for 5 times to state my opinion mildly;;without any 4 letter words or profane words and I’m being prevented from giving my opinion by the google ‘gatekeepr at this CNN website. We in High Point deserve better than this.

  • shawn mcdonald

    Mrs. Sims has thus far done a fine job. Tax problems can happen to anyone by mishap that doesn’t mean they are trying to get over. If one is delinquent does this me they are untrustworthy or deserve to lose thier job ???? Give the mayor and any one for that time time and they will rectify the problem .

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