Guide dog killed while performing final heroic act

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ATLANTA, Ga. -- A family in Atlanta is mourning the loss of a beloved guide dog who died after performing one final heroic act.

The dog's owner was walking his son to school on Monday. Simon, the owner's guide dog, was by their side.

As they approached an intersection, witnesses said a car ran a stop sign and struck Simon before hitting the dog's owner. Only seconds after he was struck, Simon, an 80-pound Boxer, pushed his owner's child to safety.

"This is true loyalty and courage," Dave Furukawa, the dog's owner, told WXIA.

Furukawa, who is visually impaired, has counted on Simon as his companion and guide for the last four years.

Bystanders said the dog's protective instinct kicked in, despite injuries that would prove to be fatal.

"What people have said is that Simon either got up or jumped out, and pushed my son out of the path of the car," said Furukawa.

Family members rushed Simon to an emergency vet clinic, but the boxer died on the way.

Atlanta police say the driver was cited with running a stop sign and failing to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk.

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  • charles D. Hedgecock

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  • charles D. Hedgecock

    What a wonderful story that I don’t doubt for a second. Dogs are such a blessing from Heaven and perform such selfless acts daily in our world. Truly, what would this world be without this wonderful creature that serves us in so many heroic ways. Just look at the ‘seeing eye dogs’ as well as those many rescue dogs;;and also dogs that serve us with their wonderful sense of smell in crimefighting to sniff out explosives and illegal drugs. Also, what about those dogs that can actually sniff out cancers and other diseases. There are wonderful stories of courage and selfless acts by these marvelous creatures. When God made the Dog, he made a wonderful caring creature;and truly it is well said that ‘The dog has more than any other animal has fulfilled the ‘whole full measure of its creation’. Thank you all for that wonderful story of courage and devotion by this family pet.

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