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Burlington Police crack down on graffiti

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BURLINGTON , N.C. -- Police Chief Jeffrey Smythe said the city's gang graffiti cases are on an "uptick" from last summer and could lead to violent crime.

Chief Smythe gave a presentation to council members on graffiti in the area, explaining what it represents and the fear impact it may have on the community.

"Last summer we didn't experience 25--30 cases in a two and a half month period, and this summer we did," Smythe said.

While some cameras have been used in some areas for specific cases, once the camera is removed, the vandalism and tagging continues.

"Now we're looking at what kind of technology we can use as a deterrent or as an investigative tool and it serves both purposes," Smythe said. "They make some lighting systems that can be activated by motion detectors and turn on the light to send that message of 'Hey we're paying attention.'"

Before the end of the year, Smythe plans to present his final research with an ordinance that would cover the details of how many cameras, how many motion detectors and how much it would cost.

City leaders will also discuss whether property owners should be responsible for painting over the graffiti or whether it is the city's responsibility.