NC man struck by lightning, brought back to life

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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- A Wilmington man who was struck by lightning has been brought back to life, according to a report from WTVD.

Dmitri Khorokhoria is at UNC Hospital recovering after being struck Monday while vacationing at Topsail Beach with his fiancé.

Khorokhoria was hit by lightning while walking on the sand with his fiancé. The strike reportedly surged right through him to his fiancé.

"I felt like something straight went through me," said Kukharenja, said Yuliana Kukharenja, Khorokhoria's fiancé. "The pain was so unbearable."

Kukharenja said one arm was completely numb and her fiancé was lying face down in the sand.

With one good arm, Kukharenja reportedly started CPR on the beach as lightning still streaked through the sky.

Strangers then carried Khorokhoria to a nearby house where paramedics took him to UNC hospital.

While it wasn't a direct hit, doctors said the victim is lucky to be alive.

Officials said Khorokhoria did not suffer any visible or internal injuries, but his muscles are extremely sore and he can barely move.

Khorokhoria said he is thankful to his fiancé and the Good Samaritans who helped save him.

Credit: WTVD

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