Cops disguised as construction workers cite drivers in undercover sting

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Cops or construction workers? Officers went undercover as part of the Aggressive Driving Campaign on Wendover Avenue on Thursday afternoon.

Greensboro police say they are seeing too many speeders, too many people not wearing seat belts and too many drivers not paying attention in construction zones.

"We get a lot of complaints from the workers in these construction zones, how motorists just come through there with disregard to their safety," explained Greensboro Police Officer J.B. Price.

Officers ditched their cop uniforms, put on a hard hat and reflective vest and acted like construction workers on the corner of Meadowood and Wendover Avenue. They even used cones to block off a turn lane, to make it look like a construction zone.

Two officers patrolled the "construction zone" and kept an eye out for violators. When they spotted a driver breaking the law, the undercover officer called it in to other officers who waiting on each of Wendover to pull them over.

In an hour and a half, police handed out 52 tickets -- 35 of them for seat belt violations.

Officers say it's not about being sneaky, they just want drivers to know they're serious about making road and construction zones safer.

"You just never know there could be a police officer in it [construction zones]," Officer Price said.

Wendover's Aggressive Driving Campaign started about a month ago. Officers say they have seen a decrease in the number of accidents along the road since they started the initiative.

Officers are also planning to post up in real construction zones in the future to catch violators.

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