Cone Health to open new clinics

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Cone Health Systems is working to open two clinics to serve the uninsured patients that used the HealthServe Community Health clinic on Eugene Street.

Executive Vice President Tim Clontz said hiring is underway for nurse practitioners and physicians to staff a small clinic that will serve 1,200 patients with chronic illnesses at the Eugene Street location and another at an undisclosed location.

"The smaller clinic that would open on Eugene Street comes from the Cone Health Foundation, for the larger clinic from our health system," Clontz said.

There were approximately 7,500 active patients that used the HealthServe clinic before the closure on August 30.

"A number of patients were inactive," Clontz said. "And what I mean by that is they haven't been seen in the last two years, they missed three or more appointments in the last year or have not re certified their financial status."

Clontz said two physician candidates are being interviewed.

Although there is no set opening date, Clontz said the smaller clinic on Eugene street for will open in a few weeks, and the others will open in a few months.

"If they are in need of treatment the urgent care and the emergent department are available until we get these clinics open," Clontz said.

The total amount necessary to fund the two clinics has not yet been determined.

A representative from Triad Adult and Pediatric Medicine said they are working with community partners to assist in the new clinics.

A small staff from TAPM is working to copy and sort patient's medical records and move medical equipment.

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