Car crashes into City Hall in Lexington, minor damage reported

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LEXINGTON, N.C. -- Lexington Police said a woman in her 60s crashed her car into Lexington City Hall.

The incident happened around 11 a.m.

The accident did not result in injury for the woman. The city fire marshal said a family member picked her up, and she did not require medical attention.

The entrance where the accident happened will need a new awning and new doors. The old doors are still standing, but they are bent and boarded up.

A maintenance supervisor estimated the repair cost at around $4,500.

The accident caused more issues for people visiting Lexington City Hall to pay bills.

The entrance where the accident happened is the main entrance to the customer service department, where residents go to pay bills for electricity, water, sewer and natural gas.

Tuesday was the first business day of the month, which Assistant City Manager Terra Greene said is always busy.

"It's a peak time," Greene said around 1pm. "We do our best to make sure we give them good customer service."

The parking lot was much worse than inside there building. There, the immobile car and onlookers caused traffic to bottle up.

One minor accident occurred and passengers got out of their cars to direct traffic for drivers.

The maintenance supervisor called police at one point to avoid a near fight.

All involved hoped the first business day in October would be a lot calmer.

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