Development group hopes to bring shopping center to East Greensboro

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Update: The Greensboro City Council approved $311,000 for Kotis Properties for new water and sewer infrastructure in a 9-0 vote at their Tuesday meeting.

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- City Council will vote Tuesday whether to approve a little more than $311,000 in economic development grant money to help develop a new shopping center in Greensboro.

Jeff Nimmer, Vice President of Leasing and Brokerage for Kotis Propterties, says they are asking the city to pay to extend sewer lines to 27 acres of land off Wendover Avenue and Willowlake Road. Right now the sewer lines are about 400 feet away, he said.

"The money is already set aside for projects just like this, but they have to vote to approve it tonight," said Nimmer.

The property sits off the Urban Loop Future 840.

"We picture a restaurant and or a drug store on one of the out parcels and then eventually a grocery store as well as a department store in this area," explained Nimmer.

He says they've already talked to retailers and restaurants about bringing business there. "They've all expressed interest in the area but have kinda always said, give us a ring when you have sewer in the area because that's really what we need to build here."

He said access and transportation to the shopping center won't be a problem with the future expansion of the Urban Loop and believes development in that area is inevitable.

Robert Jordan lives near Willowlake Road and says currently he has to travel toward downtown Greensboro or into Alamance County to shop.

"We have always needed something out in this area," he said. "Really the closest grocery store is the Food Lion which is over on Hicone Road, a good 15 to 20 minutes from this area here."

Council was supposed to vote on the grant money at an August meeting but delayed the decision until September 3.

Nimmer said the city will benefit from the shopping center if they expand sewer lines. "This property is currently in the county, but as part of the process the sewer lines will be annexed into the city. The city will gain added tax base from the ownership of that," he said.

Sales tax dollars would also stay in Guilford County, Nimmer pointed out, and the new stores would create new jobs.

Other property owners in the area could also connect to the sewer lines if they are extended.

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