Greensboro neighborhood on high alert after increase in break-ins, burglaries

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- People who live in a north Greensboro neighborhood say they are keeping an eye out for crime after a summer with more break-ins and burglaries than usual.

Karen Carter walks her dog every morning and is now being more cautious about where they go and when they leave home.

"I go for walks but I don't go in this neighborhood. I go outward to another neighborhood I feel safe in. That's a shame I can't even walk in my neighborhood by myself," she explained.

Carter also avoids walking to the store when it's getting dark outside.

She lives in the Lees Chapel Road area near Yanceyville Road. According to Greensboro Police reports on, there have been 31 burglaries, 24 thefts, 18 vandalisms and one murder within a mile of the area in three months.

"There's just stuff happening that makes you feel unsafe," Carter explained.

On nearby Leo Drive, Billy Calvert says he tries to be a neighborhood watchdog, looking out for anything or anyone suspicious.

"I'll come out during the night all the time, I don't sleep good, and I'll watch the neighborhood. If anything don't look right, you know... I keep my eye on things."

Calvert said police officers do come through the area sometimes, but pointed out that officers can't be everywhere at once.

"We've all got to be aware and call 911 if we see anything," he added. "Whatever it takes. If somebody comes in this house, they won't be coming out."

Other neighbors FOX8 talked to say they've posted warning signs about burglaries, installed security alarms and make an effort to keep outside lights on all night.

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