NC State researchers work on 3-D pizza in space

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Researchers at North Carolina State University are working on a project to make dough flow in zero gravity: 3-D pizza in space.

School officials said they’re working with a technology development company to find a way to provide space travelers with some “good old-fashioned comfort food.”

Researchers said that since pizza delivery isn’t possible in space, printing out pizza could be a good option.

NC State Professor Chris Daubert said pizza makes a good 3-D printing product because it is a layered product.

“So, theoretically, you could use a 3-D food printer to spray some dough onto a glorified hot plate, spray some sauce on top of the warming dough, and then spray some cheese to create – voila – pizza in space,” according to NC State.

But being in space poses many challenges to cooking. Daubert said flexibility is the key when cooking in zero gravity.

“Getting food to flow out of a 3-D printer and making it appealing to an astronaut is a big challenge,” he said.

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