5-year-old, two younger brothers looking for Forever Family

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Imagine you are five, and your little brothers are two and three -- and you've been living in foster care for almost your entire life. That's the story of Kylie.

"They are wonderful, wonderful children. Kylie is 5-years-old, Trenton is 3-years-old and Jamie just turned two," said social worker Andrea Biffle.

Kylie is very verbal and outspoken. She's very much a "girly girl" and likes pink and princesses.

"Kylie will start kindergarten in a few weeks. She's very excited," Biffle said. "She is so smart and so intelligent that I know she is going to do really really well."

Biffle said she would like to see the three children go to a family who is able to work effectively with three small children. The three have always lived together and it is very important for the three of them to remain together.

If you want more information about adopting Kylie and her two brothers, or another child in foster care, call Seven Homes Forever Family at (888) 365-FAMILY or log on to foreverfamily.org.

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