Sewage work causes a mess in Lexington

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LEXINGTON, N.C. -- A Lexington man is upset after city work on sewage lines in his neighborhood caused a mess.

James Southerland tells FOX8 construction work along Cow Palace Road is making his yard muddy. He claims rain last week had nowhere to drain and flooded his garage and basement.

"My house was actually probably the best house in the neighborhood. And now? Look at it. It's the Better House and Garbage," he said Tuesday. "Water comes right down through here and just drenches it. Mud washed down into my basement."

The city received a grant to extend sewage lines to the neighborhood to about two dozen homes. Usually it would cost $3,000 or more per resident, but the work was free for those who wanted to hook up to city lines.

Steven Williamson is Vice President of SKC, Inc., the company that won the bid for this work. He says the project will be a successful way to prevent ongoing septic issues and prevent sewage from leaking into the nearby pond.

Williamson said rainwater did wash into Soutehrland's home.

"We're aware of it, we are working with him. Last week we had about an inch and a half of rain in about 45 minutes here. It came down so fast, it collapsed the silt fence and run over onto his property, very, very little. But we're working with our insurance company and the gentleman to try to get everything resolved," Williamson said.

He said the damage was not extensive.

Southerland insisted it caused major damage. "That's their fault, and I think they should take care of it theirselves."

Williamson said their insurance company will evaluate what damage they need to help clean up.

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