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Guilford Co. firefighters address home visibility issues

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PLEASANT GARDEN, N.C. -- Pleasant Garden firefighters are working to address what they call a serious public safety issue: hidden or missing address signs.

Firefighters say crews were recently unable to locate a burning home and initially drove past the scene because the house wasn’t visible from the road.

It’s an issue that occurs regularly -- particularly in rural areas like Pleasant Garden, they said.

The Pleasant Garden Fire Department along with other departments across Guilford County are participating in a campaign that offers reflective address signs to homeowners for display on their property along the road. The signs cost $15.

Money raised through the signs benefit junior firefighters and is not for profit, Pleasant Garden Fire Chief Ray Smith said.

According to the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office, homeowners are not required by law to have their address signs displayed.

Chief Smith says firefighters will help residents install the signs if needed.