Several birdhouses stolen from High Point antique store

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HIGH POINT, N.C. — Two suspects stole seven birdhouses from a High Point antique shop last Monday.

Offenders in the nonprofit group “High Point Community Against Violence,” an organization which helps offenders who’ve been convicted of violent crimes get back on their feet, made the birdhouses.

The owner The Antique Shop on North Main St.  says the birdhouses are popular with customers and really helped the offenders.

“They [participants in the program] do a really good job. They are good craftsman from a painting a construction aspect and they are quality pieces.  They put a lot of time, and effort and money into it is a hit for them for sure,” owner Chip Harris said.

The birdhouses sell for about $30.00 each.

The store’s surveillance cameras captured the two men, but police have yet to make an arrest.