NC Central fires head football coach Henry Frazier

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North Carolina Central Head Football Coach Henry Frazier (WTVD Photo)

DURHAM, N.C. — North Carolina Central Head Football Coach Henry Frazier has been fired by the school after allegedly violating the terms of a domestic violence order.

Frazier’s personal issues “have caused the university to shift its focus from the priorities of student-athletes,” according to a statement school officials sent WTVD-TV on Thursday.

Frazier was arrested Monday on a misdemeanor charge and released on $5,000 bond. The domestic violence order he allegedly violated was issued when he was arrested last year following a domestic dispute with his wife. Frazier is not allowed to contact her.

A police report said Frazier wrote a letter to his ex-wife about a parking ticket, saying he had paid it and would deduct the money from his monthly alimony check. The letter was delivered by the couple’s son. But the order states Frazier can’t use a third party like a friend or a family member to communicate.

“NCCU does not condone alleged conduct or behaviors that are counter to the institution’s culture of providing a nurturing environment that supports student learning and academic success,” the school said.

NCCU has named Dwayne Foster, assistant head coach, as acting head football coach. N.C. Central opens the season against Duke on Aug. 31.

Source: WTVD-TV