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Gov. McCrory calls for General Assembly to reconvene

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Gov. McCrory

RALEIGH, N.C. — Gov. Pat McCrory has called the General Assembly to reconvene Sept. 3 to consider two vetoed bills, WTVD reports.

House Bill 786, which would exempt certain foreign workers from undergoing E-verify background checks, was vetoed by the governor because he believes it creates a loophole that could allow illegal immigrants to be hired into many North Carolina industries.

The governor also vetoed HB 392, a measure that would selectively drug test Work First applicants who social workers suspect are using illegal substances. McCrory said similar welfare applicant testing programs in other states have proved to be costly for taxpayers and very ineffective at catching drug abusers.

“The veto should be used for two reasons,” McCrory said. “The first is to stop legislation about which I have strong reservations of being in the best interest of North Carolina. The second is to ensure the public is made aware of legislation that is not fully scrutinized. These bills meet both criteria.”

McCrory believes the General Assembly’s best option is to not convene, thus saving tax dollars and ensuring a sustain of the vetoes.

If the Legislature convenes, the governor is asking for support of the vetoes and recommends corrections and improvements be made in the bills during the next short session.

Source: WTVD