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What high heels may be doing to your feet

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Most women have probably heard the phrase “beauty is pain” -- especially when it comes to wearing high heels. But did you know those high-fashion heels could cause health problems beyond discomfort?

High heels may look good, but what they’re doing to women’s feet is anything but pretty.

“High heels can cause stress fractures, tendonitis, all types of bone spurs, and encourage bunion and hammertoe formation,” one podiatrist said.

Heels can also affect other parts of the body.

“When the body weight goes to the ball of your foot, the whole skeleton really has to compensate. So the knees and hips jet forward and then your back has to hyperextend backwards. This completely mal aligns not just your foot, but the entire skeleton,” the podiatrist explained.

While heels can lead to arthritis, joint pain and long-term discomfort, some women just don’t want to give them up. One woman who spoke with CNN correspondent Holly Fifer said she’s 32, bunion-free and has been wearing heels her whole life.

The American Podiatric Medical Association recommends that women wear heels no higher than two inches. The best solution may be to wear heels in moderation and always pack a pair of flats.

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