Winston-Salem man’s dream car turns into a nightmare

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A car is a major investment, one that you hope will last, at least, in the short-term.

Curtis Liscomb thought he was buying his dream car, a Ford Mustang, and ended up with a nightmare.

Liscomb fell in love with his 2006 Mustang when he saw it at Frank Myers Automaxx in Winston-Salem and bought it for around $21,000.

He says the car looked and sounded great.

"I loved it I got plenty of compliments on it," he said.

He didn't have any problems until an investigator with the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles told him his car wasn't as it appeared.

"They had two photos of the vehicle where the vehicle was smushed into pieces--from one to the other end," he said.

Liscomb says the dealership never told him that the car had been wrecked, but it had--twice.

Documents show that Liscomb's Mustang was wrecked in Michigan in 2008, and again in 2010.

The insurance evaluation shows it was 63 percent damaged, but was not branded as a "salvage" vehicle. In North Carolina, because it had more than 25 percent damage, that information should have been disclosed by the seller.

Liscomb says Frank Myers Automaxx didn't say a thing.

"When can you really trust people," he asked.

FOX8 On Your Side contacted Tracy Myers with Frank Myers Auto Maxx. He told us he was not able to speak on camera pending litigation, but did email us a statement, which reads in part:

'We were shocked when the DMV told us that the vehicles had allegedly been wrecked in another state, purchased, fixed, issued a clean NC title and then sold to my dealership.'

Frank Myers Automaxx bought six ford Mustangs from Whiteheart and Sons, a shop down the street from them. Whiteheart got them all at auction.

Through a routine audit, the DMV found that the Mustangs were wrecked vehicles, restored by Whiteheart, Myers tells FOX8.

"Once the DMV made me aware of their history, we immediately contacted the customers... and started discussing how we could offer them a resolution," Myers said.

Myers bought back the Mustang from his customers.

Lipscomb ended up with a new car and is happy with how Frank Myers Automaxx handled the situation.

DMV officers inspect about 50,000 wrecked or salvaged vehicles every year in the state.

If you have a question or suspicion about a vehicle's collision history, contact the DMV License and Theft Bureau Office.