Blind Piedmont skater headed to championship

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A group of roller skaters from the Piedmont are headed to the roller figure skating national championships -- including one woman who is legally blind.

Kerry Wilson, Angie Kidd and Robert Bledsoe will participate in the event in Albuquerque, N.M.

Kerry Wilson has been skating since she was a child. But blood vessels ruptured behind her eyes, leaving her legally blind.

It took a while, but Wilson said she found the nerve to get back on skates. She said her other senses, especially her hearing, compensate for her limited vision.

Kidd and Bledsoe started skating together two years ago. Last year, they won the novice-b division, so this year they'll move up.

Pair skating is more athletic and more physically demanding. The dance routine is about grace and precision.

Despite being away from the sport for their young adult lives, many of the skills have come back.

The participants said skating several times a week is great exercise plus its fun.