NC doctor accused of driving drunk with child

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Emily Rogers Sawyer, 37, of Mills River

HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. — A North Carolina doctor is accused of driving drunk with her 3-year-old child and hitting a mailbox, according to Black Mountain News.

Emily Rogers Sawyer, 37, of Mills River, was charged after deputies said they responded to a call May 25 about a car driving erratically.

The suspect has been charged with driving while impaired and child abuse.

The child abuse charge was filed because the suspect allegedly had her toddler in her car while allegedly driving impaired.

A test showed that Sawyer had a blood alcohol content of .13, over the legal limit of .08.

Authorities said the she was pulled over after a domestic disturbance at her home.

The suspect’s husband reportedly took out an assault warrant on her because she allegedly slapped him in the face.

She surrendered her driver’s license for at least 10 days last month. She has a court hearing Aug. 26.

Source: Black Mountain News