Mebane mom blogs about dangers of social media

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MEBANE, N.C. -- A Mebane mom means business when it comes to her sons’ social media accounts. She’s says her four sons know the rules and now she’s even blogging about her guidelines to warn other parents.

Kristen Thompson posted a blog last week titled, “Wake Up and Smell the Sexting, Parents.”  It’s received more than 150,000 hits.

Thompson’s "law" is simply stated in her blog, “If you post something that you’d be embarrassed for your Mom to see, don’t post it. That’s my rule.  Like or not, you break it, we’re going to rumble,” she said.

Thompson’s sons are allowed to have social media accounts including, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Anything with a password, they have to hand it over to mom.

"You can't get by my mom. You really can't.  It’s tough,” explained Jordan Mann, Thompson’s 19-year-old son.

Thompson admits she thinks she’s an overprotective parent, but she’s okay with that.

“I can’t be on four phones and four iPods and iPads all the time, but every so often I’m going to check,” explains Thompson.

Thompson’s sons say they understand their mom is just looking out for them, but the rules can be strict.

“I asked my other friends if their mom would do it and they were like no,” Mann admitted.

In Thompson’s blog she outlines a handful of risky apps like Snapchat, Vine, Kik and ooVoo.

“Look I’ve seen the things my kids have posted and make me go ‘Woah oh no he didn’t’ they've had posts removed, comments removed, pictures removed, account deactivated, iPods taken away and phone service disconnected and yes we went there,” explained Thompson.

This mom proudly ends with post with #sorrynotsorry.