Man charged with DWI after crashing into storefront in Asheville

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ASHEVILLE, N.C. -- A Kentucky man was arrested after police say he crashed through a storefront in Asheville.

Police believe Mark Rose had been drinking and using drugs before he crashed through the front of Harrison’s Workwear on Brevard Road.

The wreck caused more than $16,000 in damage.

“Everything I had here in the store... Thrown... Products were all piled up in the back where the car plowed through... Kind of reminds you of a snowstorm when a snowplow comes through,” store manager Tim Case said.

Asheville storefront crashCase tells WLOS that Rose was “so out of it,” a poster of a police officer on the wall stopped him in his tracks.

“He told the responding officer, ‘I told that officer on the wall there that I’ve had an accident, but he won’t talk to me,” Case said.

Case says he’s simply thankful the incident occurred in the middle of the night when nobody was around.

“He did hurt the feelings of some of my plastic friends... The mannequins on the table... But they wouldn’t tell me what happened,” Case said.

The store has already reopened for business, but the clean-up efforts are far from over.