Kitten recovering after 45-mile ride under hood on NC road

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WILMINGTON, N.C. — A kitten is recovering at a North Carolina veterinary clinic after taking a 45-mile ride under the hood of a pickup truck, The StarNews of Wilmington reported.

A group of employees at Cardinal Metal Works in Burgaw rescued the cat on Wednesday after a coworker said it was stuck under the hood of his truck.

The group reportedly tried to edge the cat out of the fan housing, but it ducked every time they came close.

They said they dismantled part of the fan to help them grab the animal after about an hour.

The dehydrated and scared kitten was recovering Wednesday night at Burgaw Veterinary Hospital Clinic. The group who rescued the cat said they will try to find it a home.

The cat’s tail will reportedly have to be amputated after being shredded and cut. The six rescuers said they will split the approximately $300 it will cost to treat the cat.

It remains uncertain how the cat got underneath the truck’s hood or where it came from.

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