Greensboro neighborhood gets Duke Energy makeover

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- This week, a Greensboro neighborhood is getting an energy makeover thanks to Duke Energy.

As part of the power company's new Residential Neighborhood Program, representatives are offering free energy-assessment walk-throughs to people in the Warnersville area.

They will give each household as much as $210 in 16 energy-efficient pieces of equipment such as pipe insulation, water heater wraps, an HVAC winterization kit, light bulbs, and a low-flow shower head.

Duke Energy says the area is perfect for energy-efficiency improvements, because many of the homes are older and about 50% of the residents are low-income, according to state and federal standards.

"Duke Energy is committed to the health and success of the communities it serves," said Davis Montgomery, district manager for Duke Energy in Greensboro. "We’re helping customers who need it the most take control of their energy costs by bringing this program right to their doorsteps."

Duke Energy is hosting a dinner and meeting Thursday night at 6:30 p.m. at the Warnersville Recreation Center.

Troy Millikan with Superior Mechanical, Inc. offered advice for keeping your power bill low this summer.

"Energy efficient light bulbs is one, unplugging things you do not use is two. Your programmable thermostat is another one that's a big key because if you're not here, you don't want to be conditioning a space," he explained. "Say you want it on 74? Set it back 4 to 6 degrees so it's not too far, but at the same time you're not using all that energy while no one is home."

In addition, he suggests using ceiling fans when you are in a room. "With the ceiling fan on it's just moving conditioned air. It's also on so it's using power. When you're not in a room, cut it off."

He says closing blinds, curtains, and doors (even if you have a glass door) will also keep heat out and cold air in. "Clean the top and all around your HVAC unit outside," Millikan said. "And watch out for leaky duct work and dirty air filters."

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