96-year-old woman stands up to armed robber

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MARSHFIELD, Wis. -- A robber probably figured he had an easy target when he rolled up to a mom-and-pop grocery store in Wisconsin with an elderly woman manning the counter.

But to the robber’s surprise, 96-year-old Margaretta Wolf had nerves of steel.

Wolf says the masked man drew a knife on her, but she didn’t want him to get away with robbing her store.

“I said, ‘You can have all the tootsie rolls you want, but I am not opening that cash register,’” Wolf said. “I say, ‘I think you got some punishments coming, and it will be a little bit more than scrubbing the floor.’”

Wolf told the robber she would press an emergency button, at which point the suspect became frustrated. She says he looked around for a moment and ran away after spotting a security camera in the corner of the store.

Wolf has run the store for 50 years. She says she stood her ground on Monday for a simple reason: the money was hers.