New AT&T plan lets users upgrade phone every year

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A new AT&T plan will allow wireless customers to upgrade their smartphones every year, according to USA Today.

The carrier announced AT&T Next, an new option that lets smartphone or tablet owners to obtain to a new device every year at no additional costs.

AT&T Next will work like plans introduced by rival T-Mobile, which scrap traditional contracts in favor of paying for phones through monthly installments.

The AT&T plan will allow customers to acquire a smartphone and make monthly payments for the full price of the phone with nothing down, then opt to upgrade after 12 months, according to the paper. If a consumers decides to keep their phone, they make payments for an extra 8 months.

AT&T says installments range from $15 to $50 a month, depending on the device.

The plan will be available nationwide on July 26.

Read More: USA Today

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