Couple’s house mistakenly demolished

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LAKE WORTH, Tex. -- It took only moments for crews to demolish a house in Texas to rubble.

The problem? It wasn’t supposed to be demolished.

City contractors admitted to the mistakenly cutting down David Underwood’s home near Lake Worth to a plain slab of concrete.

“We came around Silver Creek looking for the lot and my wife said, ‘David, I think the house is gone,’” Underwood said. “We looked up there and sure enough -- it’s gone!”

Underwood continued, “We drove up, walked around the slab, which was smooth, and as we left I saw two city marshals on patrol... ‘That was your house?’ ‘Yeah.’ He was like, ‘Whoops.’”

Although Underwood and his wife had not been staying in the 3-bedroom ranch-style home, it has been in Underwood’s family for decades.

“We had a desk and chair and a lot of personal books... Antique mirror,” Underwood said. “The rest of the furniture was gone.”

Underwood and his wife were planning to fix up the home and eventually move into it. But he’s not holding any grudges against the city.

“I see so much around here -- people that need help and have less,” Underwood said. “It’s an accident. Let’s just do what’s right and move on.”

The City of Fort Worth released a statement saying:

“On July 12, 2013, contractors demolished the wrong property on Watercress Drive. The property to be demolished should have been 9708 Watercress Drive. The property that was demolished was a vacant structured located at 9716 Watercress Drive.”

The house that was supposed to be demolished is condemned and has been awaiting demolition since January.

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