Winston-Salem neighborhood on alert after cat tests positive for rabies

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Forsyth County Animal Control officers are looking for the kittens of a mother cat that tested positive for rabies.

The state lab tested the white and black cat after it bit a woman who was feeding it last week in the 100 block of East Sprague Street.

"I knew it wasn't normal," said Kenneth Curley who spotted a kitten Tuesday acting strangely. "It was hesitant and everything but it took off."

Animal control sent out flyers warning neighbors on Monday and have set traps to catch two kittens of the mother. One was located and tested negative for rabies.

"It's pretty stressful for people," said Tim Jennings with Forsyth County Animal Control. "It could have all been avoided with a simple vaccination and we hope the rest of community gets the message too. If they have an outdoor animal it's incredibly important to have those animals vaccinated."

Under N.C. state law, if your pet is not up-to-date on its vaccines and comes in contact with a suspected rabid animal, it will have to be euthanized to be tested or quarantined for 6 months at your expense.

Animal control is reminding residents to avoid contact with unfamiliar domestic and wild animals and teach children to do the same even if the animal looks and acts friendly.