Rain to blame for recent water main breaks in Greensboro, officials say

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Greensboro Water Resource officials say heavy rain is to blame for the recent water main breaks throughout the city.

Water Resource Operations Manager Joe Holden said on average the city has to repair three or four water main breaks in the city every year. So far, there have been three since the beginning of July.

Holden said extreme weather, whether that's intense drought, freezing temperatures or excessive rain, can cause the water pipes to shift and eventually crack under the pressure.

"Because of the rain, we believe that the ground conditions have changed and started to put a little more pressure on the lines," Holden said.

In June, the Greensboro City Council voted in favor of a 3.5% water rate increase that will go towards a water and sewer pipe rap pavement project, which will replace many of the city's pipes that are nearly 100 years old.