High water levels cause a multitude of problems for High Rock Lake

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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- High Rock Lake is experiencing high water levels and an increased amount of debris.

"It is a beautiful setting and  there's just some things we have to accept from mother nature," explained Len Strong, with the High Rock Lake Association.

Strong has received several complaints from boaters and fisherman about the lake's water level.  It's about two feet higher than its average mid-summer level.

Many of the bridges are difficult to get under because the water is too high.

"You have to remember that High Rock Lake is a reservoir, so obviously we are absorbing all the inflow coming down flow from the Yadkin and it's collecting here in height of the High Rock Dam," Strong said.

Officials are warning boaters and swimmers to be extra careful when out of the water, since the lake does not having a cleaning crew in charge of debris.

"We simply have to live with it for a while," explained Strong. "Even if the rain were to stop today, it would take a week to 10 days for the river level to drop to its normal record at this time of year."