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McCrory urges more debate on abortion issue

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Governor Pat McCrory told reporters at a news conference Monday that he will not sign a bill to further restrict access to abortions in North Carolina, according to WTVD, but left open the possibility he might sign a bill protecting women’s health.

He was referring to a sweeping abortion bill passed last week in the North Carolina Senate that would require abortion clinics to meet new operating standards and require physicians be present when the procedure is performed.  The bill would also prohibit gender-selective abortions.

McCrory said there is a fine line between safety for a woman’s health and an intent to further restrict access to abortions in the state.

“Parts of the bill deal with safety, but I also see parts of the bill that clearly cross the line into restrictions,” he said.

McCrory said on the campaign trail he would not sign legislation to further restrict access to abortions. He reiterated that Monday answering a reporter’s question.

“The question as I recall is will you sign any bill that would further restrict a woman’s access and my answer is no. That’s where I’m looking at each bill and determining is this a safety bill or is this an access bill and that’s what I think needs further discussion and further review,” he explained.

McCrory did not say he would veto the bill. If the House of Representatives passes it, it could become law without his signature.

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