How to keep mosquitoes at bay

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. - Calls into Forsyth County Mosquito Control are up this season thanks to the increase in rain.

The increase in rain is helping the container breeding mosquito population grow this season.

"With this large amount of rain we'll see a bumper crop," said Ryan Harrison with Forsyth County Mosquito Control.  Harrison says the container breeding mosquitos love standing water where they can breed and with so much standing water around they are expected to increase this year.  "Water is just everywhere.  It's in your front ditches; your culvert pipes it's everywhere.”

The container breeding mosquitos are typically the Asian Tiger mosquito which can carry virus like West Nile.  Several people in North Carolina, including Forsyth County, contracted the virus last year.  As of this week, the virus has not been reported in N.C., but has turned up in surrounding states.

Harrison says it is important that everyone remove standing water from around you.  "If you can't get rid of it it's easily treated with bacterial larvicides which you can find at local hardware stores."