High Point middle school teachers repaint classrooms to inspire students

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When it comes to getting ready for the new school year, Ferndale Middle School in High Point is taking a different approach:  teachers, staff and volunteers are using their own money to paint the classrooms.

Ferndale Middle School leadership intern Vernon Hall says a nice looking classroom inspires students to work harder.

"We want the kids to come in and say 'This building is amazing' and as a result, you build their esteem and make it a more productive learning environment," Hall said.

The painting project is also bringing the community into the school.

Principal Angela Jackson thinks the volunteers that are helping now are more likely to return in the fall.

"It gives them an idea of what schools look like now, some of the needs we have and reattach to the school, so they can look at doing other projects," Jackson said.

Ferndale Middle School is looking for additional volunteers and donations so they can complete their project by the end of July.

To sign up to help Ferndale Middle School by emailing Vernon Hall at hallv@gcsnc.com