History collides at Gettysburg for Piedmont man

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Greensboro native Bill Stork went to find the trail his great, great-grandfather TJ Pitchford strode at Gettysburg, but found much more when he discovered another man doing the same thing.

"I noticed a gentleman dressed up as a Union soldier reenactor," Stork said. "I approached him and I asked, 'Is this where Iverson's Brigade attacked?'  And he said, 'Yes, as a matter of fact it is, and I had an ancestor in the 11th Pennsylvania."

The strands of time returned two families to the spot where their relatives fought almost 150 years ago.

"We were both kind of struck by that moment, because it was almost 150 years ago, to the day, that our ancestors had met on this field," Stork said.

Most of the North Carolina 12th Infantry Regiment was from the eastern part of the state.

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