Barbie makeover gives iconic doll ‘real’ proportions

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What would the world’s most famous doll look like as a “real woman?”

Nickolay Lamm, an artist from Pittsburgh, created a 3D version of the doll using “real-life” proportions. He then used Photoshop to add Barbie’s color and packaging.

Lamm took an actual Barbie doll’s measurements, researched the average body type for a young woman, and made a new doll that looks a lot more realistic. And while he says he understands that the “average” body type is a widely varied thing, the new version is a lot closer to what a woman looks like than the former.

“I created normal Barbie because I wanted to show that average is beautiful,’’ Lamm told “If average-looking Barbie looks this good and if there’s even a chance of Barbie negatively influencing young girls, why not make one?”