Back-to-school sales tax holiday could end next year

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The state’s popular back-to-school sales tax holiday could be eliminated in 2014, according to WTVD.

The three-day event is especially popular among North Carolina consumers because it provides a meaningful tax break for families as they make necessary purchases for school.

The state Senate passed a compromise tax reform plan Wednesday that includes a provision to eliminate the tax holiday next year – a weekend that’s become an annual ritual of back-to-school shopping.

The state House’s tax reform plan does not include the provision.

The Senate plan also eliminates the state’s Energy Star tax holiday that’s designed to promote energy conservation by giving consumers a tax break on energy-efficient appliances.

For more than a decade, North Carolina has observed the sales tax holiday, which waives sales taxes on back-to-school items such as computers, clothing and school supplies.

The following are some of the items exempt during the three-day weekend: clothing that’s $100 or less per item, computers that cost up to $3,500, school supplies valued at $100 or less and school instructional materials valued at $300 or less per item.

The 2013 Sales Tax Holiday is set for Aug. 2-4.