Preparing for a Baby: Parents, Siblings & Grandparents

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Preparing to have a baby is an extremely exciting time for families, but it can also provoke anxiety over what to expect as they anticipate the baby’s arrival.

It is important for expectant couples to become educated on the labor and delivery process, how to properly prepare for the event, and how to provide care and a safe environment once the baby is born.

By attending a class, such as the Birth & Baby series at Cone Health Women’s Hospital, couples will be armed with confidence and knowledge in what to expect going into the labor and delivery process.

It is also important for older siblings to understand what to expect at the arrival of their new brother or sister. Parents should spend time getting older siblings excited about the baby’s arrival and making them feel important in the process. Make sure that their expectations are realistic, for instance, letting them know that the baby will not be able to go outside and play with them until it’s "bigger."  Teaching older siblings proper safety precautions is also key, such as teaching them not to hold the baby when mom or dad are not in the room.

Grandparents can also benefit from education on how to prepare for their grandchild. Many aspects of baby care have changed since they have had children, and grandparents are encouraged to research the latest safety recommendations for infant care, as well as items such as car seats, strollers and cribs. It is also important for grandparents to learn how to provide support, while maintaining proper boundaries as their children prepare to raise a family of their own. Cone Health Women’s Hospital also offers a Grandparent Love class dedicated to teaching grandparents about the latest in infant care and safety recommendations, as well as ways to give their child support as he or she transitions into the parenting role.

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Spokesperson Background:

Ann Clark is a childbirth educator at Cone Health Women’s Hospital, currently leading the Grandparent Love classes. Clark is also a clinical nurse specialist and the diabetes coordinator for Cone Health’s Diabetes Inpatient Program. She received a Bachelor of Science in nursing from Old Dominion University in 1975, and earned a Master of Science in nursing from UNCG in 1994. She has been a Cone Health employee since 1985.