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Two-faced kitten dies in Oregon

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The rare two-faced kitten born Tuesday in Oregon has died, her owners told KGW-TV.

The kitten, named Deucy, was born with a single body and one head but two faces. The kitten born with a rare congenital disorder known as diprosopus.

According to KGW-TV, felines with this disorder are called “Janus” cats (named after the Roman god of two faces) rarely make it to adulthood.

The kitten died from “complications:”

“Deucy was rejected by her mother, so Durkee had been feeding her every two hours with a syringe. Durkee’s vet said he was aware of only four of five such kittens, known as “Janus cats,” to live to adulthood, with the oldest known living to 12 years old.”

Two other kittens in the litter that survived.

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