NC man finds class ring 50 years after losing it

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A North Carolina man who lost his class ring while working on a farm about 50 years ago now has it back.

Bobby Southerland got his class ring as a junior in high school in 1963.  He was working on a farm in Haywood County about a week after he purchased the ring when he lost it while putting hay in a barn loft.

“I looked for it but I never did find it,” Southerland said.

Fast forward 50 years, and a man named Christian Hunt stumbles across the mud-caked ring while looking for arrowheads in a nearby field.

A couple key factors went into finding the ring. The field had recently been plowed -- and then the rain came.

Hunt took the ring to his stepfather, whose mother went to a neighbor named Crabtree-Iron Duff.  Duff took the year and initials engraved on the inside of the ring and figured out who it belonged to.

Duff’s son called Southerland and reunited him with the ring.