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Herbalife starts construction on new Winston-Salem facility

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.-- California-based supplement manufacturer Herbalife says it has started the remodeling and construction of its new facility in Winston-Salem and will start hiring some employees immediately.

Executives from the company took local leaders on a tour of the former Dell facility Tuesday. Chief Operating Officer Rich Goudis laid out a timeline of progress and hiring for the next year.

Goudis says the company is hiring plant administration, supply chain experts, mechanical and electrical experts now, while also beginning the massive remodeling of the empty facility.

"We are very excited about this facility. It's very engineering intense and that's the phase we are going through right now. After the engineering phase, then it's obviously massive construction, demolition and remodeling to bring to GMP (good manufacturing practices) standards of dietary supplements," Goudis said.

Goudis also said Herbalife hopes to have remodeling finished by the end of the year. He wants the quality control and testing labs ready for inspection in December, and plans to move in manufacturing equipment in January.

Herbalife plans to make more than 100 versions of its more popular products in Winston-Salem. Things like protein powders, meal supplements, liquid supplements and concentrated teas will be in production by July of 2014. Most of the products will be shipped overseas.

Goudis says people looking for work should start monitoring the company website now.

They will hire 250 employees by the end of this year, the other 250 by next summer.

"We are looking for talent. We will be looking for people that hopefully don't have jobs and are hungry and to prove themselves and learn a new industry," said Goudis.

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